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not yet forms part of a larger project about the extinct St Helena cuckoo. I was originally asked to make work about this bird for the exhibition Ghosts of Gone Birds, in conjunction with BirdLife International, curated by Ceri Levy.

I very quickly became utterly tied up in a mission to uncover the story of this bird, its life, death, things it may have seen, heard, and whether or not it even existed in the first place. The project became as much about the uncovering of information, stories and forgotten or undiscovered dormant knowledge. 

In it's first showing, not yet encorportaed anacdotes, drawings, papers, letters, refernces to the St. Helena Cuckoo and other cuckoo stories given to me by others, prompted by this project. they were folded and tucked into the overlooked or forgotten nooks and crannies inside the Medevil Salthouse Church on the North Norfolk coast, for the exhibition Salthouse11 Ad Limina (on the edge), curated by Laura Williams. 

not yet was part of Ghosts of Gone Birds, 2011, Rochelle School, Arnold Circus, London.

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