A-Z: An Animal Archive

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Ant: See pages: Other (Emergence)  http://www.helenbullard.com/untitled-gallery-44659

Bear: See pages: After the Run http://www.helenbullard.com/after-the-run; Writings (Footsteps in Snowhttp://www.helenbullard.com/untitled-blog-72061

Bees: See pages: After the Run http://www.helenbullard.com/after-the-run

Cardinal: See pages: Cardinal http://www.helenbullard.com/untitled-gallery-33548

Cicada: See page: Cicada http://www.helenbullard.com/cicada

Cormorant: See pages: 1 Fathom Deep http://www.helenbullard.com/untitled-gallery-44655

Cuckoo: See pages: Not Yet http://www.helenbullard.com/untitled-gallery-44656 

Deer: See pages: Writings (Wither & Footsteps in Snowhttp://www.helenbullard.com/untitled-blog-72061; Wither / Pradators Dance http://www.helenbullard.com/wither--predators-dance; Dog-Like http://www.helenbullard.com/untitled-gallery-44654; Traditions and Aversions http://www.helenbullard.com/untitled-gallery-72063

Dog: See pages: Dogs-Like http://www.helenbullard.com/untitled-gallery-44654; DogsBody http://www.helenbullard.com/untitled-gallery-72066; Wither / Predators Dance http://www.helenbullard.com/wither--predators-dance; Writings (Witherhttp://www.helenbullard.com/untitled-blog-72061; Performance (The Dogs)

Eagle: See pages: After the Run http://www.helenbullard.com/after-the-run

Eel: See pages: Out of Many http://www.helenbullard.com/out-of-many, After the Run http://www.helenbullard.com/after-the-run

Fox: See pages: Dog-Like http://www.helenbullard.com/untitled-gallery-44654

Horseshoe Crab: See pages: Blue Blood http://www.helenbullard.com/untitled-gallery-44652; Writings (Butterfly on a Pinhttp://www.helenbullard.com/untitled-blog-72061

Hummingbird: See pages: Writings ([The idea of] Hummingbird: A story for Nadine Boljkovachttp://www.helenbullard.com/untitled-blog-72061

Loon: See pages: Research http://www.helenbullard.com/research; 1 Fathom Deep http://www.helenbullard.com/untitled-gallery-44655

Mouse: See pages: Writings (Mouse)

Puffin: See pages: Other (Puffin axehttp://www.helenbullard.com/untitled-gallery-44659

Rabbit: See pages: Traditions and Aversions http://www.helenbullard.com/untitled-gallery-72063; Blue Blood http://www.helenbullard.com/untitled-gallery-44652; Animus flux http://www.helenbullard.com/sculpture--installation

Seal: See pages: Writings (Seal); Dog-like http://www.helenbullard.com/untitled-gallery-44654

Sparrow: See pages: Traditions and Aversions http://www.helenbullard.com/untitled-gallery-72063; Writings (Sparrow)

Spider: See pages: Spider http://www.helenbullard.com/spider, Blue Blood http://www.helenbullard.com/untitled-gallery-44652 Writings (Butterfly on a Pinhttp://www.helenbullard.com/untitled-blog-72061

Spoonbill: See pages: Migration (Fly-way maphttp://www.helenbullard.com/untitled-gallery-44658; Other (Shadows of the Once Roamed - Flight of the Spoonbill) http://www.helenbullard.com/untitled-gallery-44659

Tiger: See pages: Writings (Tigerhttp://www.helenbullard.com/untitled-blog-72061

Whale: See pages: Touching the Whale http://www.helenbullard.com/touching-the-whale

Wolf: See pages: Wither / Predators Dance http://www.helenbullard.com/wither--predators-dance; Writings (Witherhttp://www.helenbullard.com/untitled-blog-72061

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  1. Joe Krausman avatar
    Joe Krausman Mar 23, 2014

    I saw your show “After the Run,” and I thought it was fantastic. I am working on a book of poetry with also animals from A to Z. I see on your list you only got as far as “W.”  for X, Y, Z, I have the Xenopus (an African aquatic frog), for Y the Yak, and for Z the zyzzogeton ( a leafhopper) The zyzzogeton is the last word in the dictionary, and the last word in my book. Keep up the great work.Joseph K. MFA [Meddler in Fine Arts]

  2. helen bullard avatar
    helen bullard Apr 3, 2014

    Thanks, Joseph! Lovely of you to send me a note! Any feedback welcomed.
    And yes something is a little funky on this website right now, the menu isn’t working too well… :-)
    I’m interested to hear about your poetry! As you can see (hear) I’m a rather poetic storyteller myself…
    All my best! Helen